The Duck In Baba Amr

A song by the Syrian Bear band. Duration: 2:20 Lyrics: … >>

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Under Siege

A short documentary produced by Hirak City News. Duration: 7:20 … >>

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Homs Al-Khalidiyah

By Abdul Hamid Sulaiman.

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Art and revolution

Art and revolution: The Syrian case. Amélie Rives. ‘Ultimately, what … >>

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Freedom Forever

By Monif Ajaj.

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A short film by the Malas Brothers, directed by Mohammad … >>

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By Dima al-Malakeh. According to source: To Mother SYRIA…our hearts … >>

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Homs: Journey Into Hell

A documentary in English, produced by BBC. Duration: 29:11 According … >>

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One Hand

By Khaled Dawa.

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My Country

By Abdul Karim Majdal al-Beik.

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