Eastern Ghouta’s Children

2016-04-01 أكرم أبو الفوز

By Akram Abu el-Foz

According to source:
The Russian and Syrian warplanes committed a massacre against the residents of the town of Deir al-Asafir, in the south of Eastern Ghouta. Tens of the town’s children, women and residents were killed by the massacre.

Source: أكرم أبو الفوز Facebook page.

Link: bit.ly/1UGQdgX

Note: On 31/3/2016, warplanes led more than 10 air raids that targeted the only makeshift hospital and two schools in the town of Deir al-Asafir, in Eastern Ghouta. Many people were killed by the raids, including women, children and a number of civil defense members, after two of their centers were also targeted, according to Enab Baladi.

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