Trailer Of The Film World Cup – Syria – Ma’arat Al-Nu’man

Trailer of a film by the Malas Brothers.

Duration: 1:44

According to source:
World Cup, a 68mins feature film.
Written and directed by: The Malas Brothers.
Montage: Amen al-Arand.
Executive producer: Asma’ Jaber.
Filmed by:
Youssef Seif
Jawdat Malas
Martyr Abu Omar al-Yabrudi
Special thanks:
Cinematic director Amaar al-Beik
Cinematic director Talal Derki
Artist Fares Helou
Journalist Said Mahmoud
Jamil al-Afissi, who is still detained by the Nusra Front.
The residents of Ma’arat al-Nu’man.

Source: A.M Malas YouTube channel.


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