Leaving Aleppo At War

By Camille De Rouvray.

Published by: Le Bord de l’Eau
Number of pages: 166
Year of publication: 2014

According to source:
I had been living in Syria for over three years when the Arab Spring broke out. In December 2011, the day-to-day conflict between the Damascus regime and the opposition pushed me to leave against my will. I returned in February 2012 to the city of Aleppo, away from which I could not resign myself to living. I had to leave definitively at the end of June. During this last period of my life in Syria, as a war was born before my eyes, I kept a diary. I wrote so as to not to forget what I witnessed, because I could not believe my eyes. I also wrote, especially, perhaps, to keep myself company, to occupy long evenings of darkness, without electricity, with the only landscape being the light of a candle and the echoes of bursts of automatic weapons in the city at war.

Source: www.editionsbdl.com

Link: bit.ly/2i95wSY

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