Words Of Syrian Children: The Misery Between Two Gardens

A documentary film by LCP National Assembly, directed by Bernie Bonvoisin and Pedro Brito Da Fonseca, which highlights the difficult life of Syrian refugees in the Lebanese camps.

Duration: 51:25

According to source:
Bernie Bonvoisin and his co-director Pedro Brito Da Fonseca chose to give a voice to Chaima, Qussai, Marwan and Imane. These children who have fled the war are now living in situations of extreme vulnerability and some have even been exposed to serious violations of human rights. Their maturity, strength, and tenacity managed to shake the Trust singer.

Through this film, the filmmakers give rare testimonies about the war in Syria and about exile, carried by Bernie Bonvoisin’s tone of commitment:
“I came to Lebanon, to see what it was with these hordes of refugees who stormed our borders, to steal our jobs and crowd our towns. I left my couch, turned off my TV after spending 59 months watching the Syrian people get crushed in a dizzying silence.”

Bernie Bonvoisin explains to Marwan, a 13-year-old refugee in a camp, who collects potatoes for a salary of two euros a day, “I saw dogs attached to a picket that were treated better. For a guy who lives in a pond, who works four months in a row, and who is satisfied with just two days of rest, you are pretty strong Marwan!”

I saw the light in the midst of this misery between two gardens, in those children who undoubtedly can be the future of Syria. The antidote to hatred is discernment”, explained Bernie Bonvoisin.

Source: www.lcp.fr

Link: bit.ly/2h25yqZ

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