Sednaya Triangle Of Death And Silence

By Hossam Saadi.

According to source:
An invite to angry and massive demonstrations in the capitals and countries of the world, under the slogan:
Since the start of the glorious Syrian revolution, the criminal regime of al-Assad continuously arrested women, children, civilians and Syrian families on a daily basis. Syrian prisoners are still being tortured to death, and there are still detainees who were forcefully disappeared without their parents knowing anything about them until now.
After the recent publication of Amnesty International’s report, which was about the execution of thirteen thousand Syrian prisoners in Sednaya prison, it is our duty to take to the streets, as Syrians, in crowded and angry demonstrations, taking advantage of the media’s coverage of Amnesty’s report, on February 18th, 2017, to assert our unified demands:
1-Imeediately send international observers to look over the detainees and the forcefully disappeared in the prisons of Assda’s regime, Sednaya’s prison (the human slaughterhouse) and the rest of the prisons including the security branches.
2- Immediately stop the regime’s daily executions of Syrian detainees.
4- Demand and assert the immediate release of all detainees, especially women, children and Syrian families, detained in the prisons of Assad’s regime.

Source: حسام السعدي Syrian Cartoonist Facebook page.


Note: On February 7, 2017, Amnesty International published a report titled “Human Slaughterhouse” that exposes the regime’s extrajudicial executions that happened inside the Sednaya Prison. Between 2011 and 2015, the Syrian authorities used to take groups of 50 people out of their cells to be hanged, this operation used to happen on a weekly basis, and even sometimes twice a week.
Amesty International’s report estimated that 13000 people were secretly executed in Sednaya over five years, most of whom were civilians. The report also showed that the government intentionally creates inhumane conditions for the detainees, by torturing them and depriving them from food, water, medicine and medical care, according to Amnesty International.

Read Amnesty International’s report in English.


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