On The Syrian Revolution

Al-Assad, or we burn the country.
Chains must be broken.

Published by: La Lenteur
Numer of pages: 144
Year of publication: 2017

According to source:
This book is a compilation of the 2011 uprising and the ensuing civil war: interviews, testimonies, accounts of civic and revolutionary engagements, analyzes of geopolitical stakes, etc. drawn from blogs devoted to the Syrian revolution, from the press, and from pamphlets and activist newspapers. It is a question of sabotaging the right and the extremist left that deny that a revolutionary uprising (also) took place in Syria, and which cannot be reduced to a jihadist sedition, nor a “bourgeois revolution” that serves American interests.

Source: www.hobo-diffusion.com

Link: bit.ly/2mpUl98

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