Syria, The State Of Barbarism

Written by Michel Seurat.

Published by: Puf
Collection: Proche Orient
Noumber of pages: 288
Date of publication: 02/05/2012

According to source:
Michel Seurat, assassinated during his captivity in 1986 in Beirut when he was hostage to the “Organization of Islamic Jihad”, an emanation of Hezballah, was one of the best specialists of the contemporary Arab world. An outstanding Arabian, a scrupulous man of the field, an avid social scientist and an educated Islamologist, this researcher at the CNRS has given birth to successive generations, and more than a quarter of a century after his disappearance, his texts are always taken as reference in universities around the world, where they became classics in the French school of Near Eastern Studies.
His analysis of the Syrian power system in the time of Hafez al-Assad, which he named “the state of barbarism”, nourished by reading the great medieval historian Ibn Khaldoun, as well as French sociology, freshly written in the 1980s, are more than ever currently applicable, while Syria, inherited by Bashar al-Assad, has sunk into unprecedented violence, where revolution and civil war are entangled. His studies of clans, cities, of Alawite and Islamic urban militias, and of the Muslim Brotherhood, provide essential reading keys to understand today’s stakes and lines of division, at a time when the Arab world has entered one of the major upheavals phases in its history.



Remark: The book was first published in 1988 by Le Seuil Editions, and translated to Arabic by the Arab Network for Research and Publishing, in 2017.

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