I Come From Aleppo

I come from Aleppo
Itinerary of an Ordinary Refugee

Written by Joude Jassouma.

Published by: Allary Editions.
Number of pages: 224
Year of publication: 2017

According to source:
June 2015, Aleppo sinks into chaos. Like hundreds of thousands of civilians, Joude Jassouma decides to flee with his wife Aya and their little daughter Zaine.
For three years, a civil war has been raging in Syria. Clashes are happening daily between Bashar al-Assad’s army and the rebel forces led by the jihadists of the Nusra Front and the Islamic State. Joude, a young high school French teacher, refuses to choose sides in a conflict that is not his. With his family, he hides; he moved four times to avoid bombing, then resolved to exile.
From the shores of the Levant to the Breton coast, passing through Istanbul and the refugee camps of the island of Leros, this book tells the exodus of a child from the poor neighborhoods of Aleppo, in love with Flaubert and Eluard.
The odyssey of an anonymous hero who, at the peril of his life, crossed the Aegean Sea aboard a plastic canoe in search for asylum.
For the first time, the most important migrants crisis since the World War II, is told from the inside, through the eyes of an ordinary refugee.

This book was written with Laurence de Cambronne.

Source: www.allary-editions.fr

Link: bit.ly/2pTswrb

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