I Am Born In Idlib And I Come From Ar-Raqqah

I am born in Idlib and i come from ar-Raqqah
One wound, one blood, one killer.
Saraqib 2017

By Ali Kadouni.

Source: Ali Kadouni Facebook page.

Link: bit.ly/2pNNJV0

Note: On May 15th, 2017, activists from Idlib launched the hashtag “#WeAreAllArRaqqah”, in response to the hashtag “#IdlibIsNotArRaqqah” that was launched by other activists from Idlib as well, after a report broadcasted on al-Aan News Network, on May 14th, 2017, showed Idlib as a bastion of terrorism. The report placed Idlib on the same level as the city of ar-Raqqah that is being controlled by Daash, an internationally classified terrorist organization, according to several social media pages.

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