Being Good So Far, Part 2

A short film directed by Orwa al-Mokdad in the neighborhood of al-Shaar, in Aleppo.

Duration: 6:29 min

According to source:
Two years passed since my first visit to Aleppo, meanwhile Al Forkan battle has started in which several areas have been liberated in Aleppo.
The first time I’ve been able to set my Camera without being questioned was at Al Shaar liberated street in Aleppo, though Al Shaar Market was heavily targeted by regimes’ air and land strikes, still it was full of lively colors, the thing that pushed me to make a film about this market entitled “Being Good So Far” to present a different side of this city from what’s promoted on media.
I’ve spent a long period in the city trying to make a Feature documentary, but the revolution kept me far too busy, moreover my relation with the incidence was not neutral I was part of it and it was part of me.
We’ve lost many friends during the 80th Brigade break-in attempt and the so called ISIS started to invade Aleppo, they have arrested and executed many of the friends.
I left Aleppo without being able to finish the film with a zero budget.
After sending ISIS away the regime started another strong attach on Aleppo’s liberated area in attempt to empty the it from any civilian activity left.
I visited Aleppo again to finish the film, yet the heavy shelling was unbearable and I left after fifteen days.
I was astonished at my last visit to Aleppo that Al Shaar market is still full of life’s colors, despite the barbaric attacks on this city which turned it into Simi-ghosts city.

Source: Bidayyat YouTube channel.


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