Julani, You Belong In The Bin Of History

We do not want your alleged support
Julani, you belong in the bin of history
Down with the Conquest of the Levant Committee

By activists in Ma’arat al-Nu’man, in Idlib.

According to source:
A graffiti against the Conquest of the Levant Committee in #MaaratAlNuman

Source: كش ملك Facebook page.

Link: bit.ly/2rD2ENR

Note: On Thursday 8 June 2017, the Conquest of the Levant Committee (The Nusra Front previously) attacked the city of Ma’arat al-Nu’man in Idlib’s countryside in order to take over the headquarters of Division 13 of Idlib’s Free Army.  Violent clashes erupted between the two parties as many members were killed from both sides, according the the electronic newspaper, al-Modon.

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