Abdel Aziz Al Khayyer

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One year on the arrest of Abdel Aziz  al-Khayyer.
Dr. Abdel Aziz al-Khayyer is a prominent leader in the Communist Labor Party and in the Coordination Committee of the Dorces of the National Democratic Change in Syria. He was abducted by the Syrian regime forces on 20 September 2012 inside the Damascus airport after returning from a visit to China to participate in the National Rescue Conference.
He spent more than 11 years in secret work and prosecution, accompanied by attacks on his parents and family members by beating, arresting and detaining them. When he was arrested, he was brutally tortured under the supervision of the highest political and security leaders. He was kept in detention without being trialed until the year 1995, when the State’s Security Court sentenced him to 22 years in prison for “being part of an unauthorized political organization and spreading false news to disrupt the people’s trust in the revolution and the socialist regime”.
Al-Khayyer spent 14 years in the military prison of Saidnaya, before he was released in 2005 because of the impact of international campaigns demanding his freedom.

His arrest was seen as a form of accomplishment and many people celebrated it in the some of the streets in Damascus.
Al-Khayyer is considered one of the best people to express the national democratic and civic path of the revolution that refuses militarization, sectarianism and external military interventions.
He is a symbol of nationalism and struggle that stands out in the modern Syrian history, he symbolizes what is most beautiful in this country, which is paying in blood the price of demaning freedom.

Source: mohamad majed YouTube channel.

Link: bit.ly/1We6WWa

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