Grass Roots and Grass Soup – Flavors of the Siege

grass roots and grass soup

Tuesday 29 November 2016, from 7pm til 11pm.
Metropolis-Empire Sofil, Beirut, Lebanon.

Film screenings and panel discussion on film and media productions in Syria since the beginning of the revolution.

  • Short Film Programme:

– Blue, by Abo Gabi.
(2014 / 12:15min / Syria / Arabic with English ST)

– Love during the siege, by Mattar Ismaeel.
(2015 / 15:35min / Syria / Arabic with English ST)

– Being good so far, by Orwa Mokdad.
(2012-2014 / 11:45min / Syria / Arabic with English ST)

  • Panel discussion:

– Marcell Shehwaro
Syrian blogger, activist and general manager of the Syrian NGO Kesh Malek, whose activities are concentrated in the area around Aleppo.

– Nadim Jarjoura
Journalist and cinema critic at Al-Araby Al-Jadeed newspaper.

– Orwa Al Mokdad
Syrian journalist and filmmaker whose films include “Street Music” (2013), “Under the Aleppo Sky”(2013), “Under the Tank”(2014), “300 Miles”(2016).

– Sana Yazigi, Syrian graphic designer, founder and editor of “The Creative Memory”, an online archive inventorying the contemporary creativity of Syria since the beginning of the revolution.

Moderator: Dima Wannous.
Syrian novelist. Wannous published a collection of short stories titled “Details” and two novels “Chair,” and “Fearful” by Dar Al-Adab.

Followed by the screening of feature-length documentary:
My Homeland, by Marcel Mettelsiefen.
(2016 / 40min / Germany / Arabic with English ST)

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Symposium, Tuesday 29 November 2016

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