No to the war in Syria!

solidarity germany

Saturday 17 December 2016, from 2h30pm til 5pm.
Reichstag, Berlin Platz der Republik, Berlin, 10117 Berlin, Germany.

This event is a peaceful event, but the demands are clear:
No to the war in Syria!
No to the siege of Aleppo!
No to the murder of thousands of civilians!
No to the bombing of hospitals!
Stop Assad and his allies!
Stop the despoliation of civilians!
Stop the European involvements in the war of Syria!
Stop the involvement of the USA!
Stop the IS and other Terrorists!
We demand a cease- fire!
We demand the retreat of all weapons!
Our gathering is supposed to be a peaceful one in order to send a message for peace in Syria.

We cannot ignore the problems in the Middle East. The European Union needs to put more pressure on Russia, so that brutal bombings can come to an end. There is an urgent need to put pressure on everyone involved in the conflict! Weapons need to remain silent. Nutrition is running out, the medical infrastructure broke down. Winter is coming, people risk to freeze and starve to death.

We have been accepting this until now. It´s time to act.

That’s why we want to gather and send a democratic message for peace.

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Solidarity, Saturday 17 December 2016

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