Talent on the run | Theatre play by refugees

Tuesday 7 February 2017, from 8pm til 10pm.
Erasmus Pavilion, Burgemeester Oudlaan 350, 3062 PA Rotterdam, Netherlands.

“Talent on the Run” is a theatre play by Syrian refugees. Everyone knows about the terrible crisis happening in Syria. Who truly knows about the refugees who are leaving their homes? What are their stories? What do they actually go through during their journey to Europe?

“Talent on the Run” by Fada Theatre is a play written and performed by Syrian refugees. In less than two hours, they will share their unique experience and story with you. The actors have been performing all throughout the Netherlands and now is your chance to see them in Rotterdam. Full of symbols and emotions, this play reveals the talent and the passion of nine men who want to share, in an artistic way, what they have been through. They will fully immerse you in their world by speaking Arabic (English subtitles provided). After the play we’ll have a short Q&A with the actors.

– 8h pm
Introduction by students of CharityCo, EUC.
– 8h05 pm
Introduction/speech by Eduard Nazarski, director of Amnesty International.
– 8h20 pm
Theater Play “Talent on the run”.
– 9h30 pm
Short Q&A with the actors.
– 9h40 pm
Discussion with Eduard Nazarski and students.
– 10h pm
End of the programme, drinks at the bar of Erasmus Paviljoen.

Theater, Tuesday 7 February 2017
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