6th Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution – London

Saturday 18 March 2017, from 12h30pm til 4h30pm.
Marble Arch, London, United Kingdom.

Join us on March 18th in London to say NO to Assad, NO to ISIS, NO to forced displacement, NO to war crimes and NO to foreign occupation. Join us to say YES to a peaceful, democratic Syria.

For 6 years now the Assad regime and its allies have been committing unspeakable atrocities against the people of Syria, who rose up peacefully for democracy, reforms, and accountability. These atrocities include snipers shooting at unarmed protesters, detaining and torturing civilians including women and children, serial rapes against women detained by the regime, the use of unguided bombs (i.e. barrel bombs) indiscriminately in populated residential areas targeting hospitals, schools and busy markets, chemical massacres, the use of cluster munitions, white phosphorus and withholding food in order to starve people to death or force them to leave their homes in a systemic forced displacement.

It is not only Assad who inflicted this on the Syrian people. Iran, Russia, and sectarian militias from Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries are propping up his regime as he commits crimes against humanity in Syria. Also, the US-led coalition made the horrific situation even worse, increasing the number of civilian deaths as well as the number of Syrians desperately fleeing to seek somewhere safe to live.

More than half of Syria’s population has been displaced and millions have fled the country. The UN has declared the situation in Syria to be the worst humanitarian crisis since World War 2. Not only did the international community fail to stop the war crimes of Assad and his allies in Syria, but they have also done very little for Syrian refugees who are desperately seeking safety.

We urge everyone to join the march on March 18th at 12:30 PM in Marble Arch to support Syrians who have been marginalised, oppressed, tortured, starved, gassed, and killed on an unfathomable scale.

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Solidarity, Saturday 18 March 2017

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