Cartooning Syria

From Saturday 22 April 2017, till Sunday 21 May 2017.
Arti et Amicitiae, Rokin 112, 1012 LB Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Opening: Friday 21 April 2017, at 8pm.

Cartooning Syria is a unique exhibition of the work of 28 Syrian cartoonists and artists. These political cartoons comment on the complex and humanitarian situation in Syria in an indignant, cynical and spotting manner. The exhibition also shows cartoons of famous Dutch, Flemish and Norwegian artists about Syria.
Most Syrian cartoonists were forced to flee their country after the onset of violence in 2011 and live scattered around the world. During Cartooning Syria, they get back together for the first time.

The exhibition will take place with the presence of Syrian artists Hamid Sulaiman, Mahmoud al-Bahra and Sameer Khalili. Theo de Feyter, painter and Syria traveler, gives an introduction to the exhibition.
The book Cartooning Syria will also be presented by publisher Jurgen Maas.

During the opening, Hamid Sulaiman will paint a mural and Mahmoud al-Bhara will be drawing a cartoon in the exhibition hall.

Big thanks to the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, the City of Amsterdam, the Syrian Dreams Foundation, Free Press Unlimited, PEN Netherlands, Jurgen Maas Publishers and all donors.

Exhibition, From Saturday 22 April 2017, till Sunday 21 May 2017
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