Who Are Those Refugees?

Sunday 24 April 2017, at 14h30.
Niffo Galerie/ Recycle Studio, Pretorialaan 4B, 3072 EM Rotterdam, Netherlands.

  • Event introduction: official Meet The Syrians video, duration 4:44 minutes.
  • A presentation by Sofia Maya Dawoudi about Meet The Syrians, duration 5 minutes.
  • A brief about the participants, and a short showcase of their work, duration 10:00 minutes
    During the presentation we will be playing music of:
    Kurd Dance by the band Siba Barada,  with the following musicians: Wassim Mukdad, Hareth Mhedi, Birvan ahmad and Ahmad jequelly.
  • The Dreamer Got Drunk, by Fadi Dawoudi.
    Duration 10:00 minutes.
  • Short movie Fade to Black, by the group Maajooneh, with the following artists: Farah Brisli, Ammar Khattab, Amer al-Barzawi, duration 1:10 minutes.
  • Movie trailer Dream by Mohannad Hammod from Skyline Production, duration 2:04 minutes.
  • Short film Nostalgia by Sofia Maya Dawoudi, photographs by Mohamad Khder, live footage by Abdullah al-Hakawati and other unidentified Syrian photographers.
  • Closing presentation by sofia maya dawoudi, about the goals and achievements of MEET THE SYRIANS, besides needs and requirements.
Symposium, Sunday 24 April 2017
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