Exhibition: The Creative Memory of the Syrian Revolution

From Thursday 6 till Wednesday 26, July 2017.
La Manufacture, Avignon, France.

The Creative Memory of the Syrian Revolution – Syria
Real memory / Parallel memory
By Sana Yazigi (Syria – Lebanon)

Talking about “Creative Memory” means bringing the Syrian people to the forefront.
Newspapers and televisions around the world talk about Bashar al-Assad’s regime or Daash/ISIS, but no one ever asks:
“What, and who, is there, between the two?”

Since its launch in May 2013, the website www.creativememory.org, published in Arabic, English and French, contains both memory and actuality, archives and present documents. It records, day after day, in all its forms, the intellectual and artistic expression, popular and elitist, of the Syrian people’s resistance.
Through words, messages and artworks that are simple in appearance but tacitly profound, the people have said everything, but their demands are forgotten and their causes are abandoned.
Through memory, we face and resist amnesia, we resist the forgetting of the founding event of the Syrian cause, and the individuals carrying this cause.

In this exhibition that is “the spokesman of the site and the Syrian people”, we shed light on the Syrian individuals, who are themselves the value, and not the subject. We present his artworks to interested readers, to those who are aware of the Syrian situation, but also to those who are unaware of it.

To the Syrian people whose courage and sacrifices accomplished the impossible!

Exhibition, From Thursday 6 till Wednesday 26, July 2017
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