Global Week for Syria – Lebanon

From Wednesday 28 June till Wednesday 5 July 2017.
Beirut, Lebanon.

As a part of Global Week for Syria initiative, for the third time the festival in Beirut will become the main stage of the project.

The Global Week for Syria festival will present Dutch, Swiss, Swedish, Norwegian, French, German, Azerbijiani, Turkish, Tunisian, Iraqi, Lebanese, and Syrian musicians, scholars and other cultural activists united to share their energy and mastery to encourage hope and belief in positive future.

Festival Venues: The Assembly Hall – American University of Beirut, Al Madina Theatre, Metro Al Madina, Dar El-Nimer for Arts & Culture, Safadi Cultural Center, ة t-marbouta, Mezyan, and others.

On June 28th the festival, under the patronage and support of the UNESCO, starts in Beirut (Assembly Hall – AUB). In collaboration with Morgenland Festival Osnabrück the opening of the festival will feature Osnabrücker Jugendchor (GR) and Chorale de L’Université Antonine (LB), Kinan Azmeh (SY) and Dima Orsho (US/SY).
The festival continues for 9 days of concerts, workshops and conference in 5 places in Lebanon (Beirut, Lebanon; Aley, Minyara, Tripoli, Lebanon and Beqaa Valley).

Among the festival highlights: Morgenland All Star Band: Dima Orsho (SY/US), Ibrahim Kevo – ابراهيم كيفو (SY), Moslem Rahal (SY), Salman Gambarov (AZ), Ziya Güçkan (TU), Kinan Azmeh (SY/US), Frederik Köster (DE), Andreas Müller (DE), Rony Barrak (LB), Michel Godard (FR) and Bodek Janke (GR).

International and local guests like Osnabrücker Jugendchor (DE), Andreas Schaerer (CH), Håkon Kornstad (NO), Sonbola Choir (SY), Tony Overwater (NL), Nareg Abajian (SY), Mark Schilders (NL), Bert Cools (BE), Star of The Orient (SE/SY/TU/IQ), Moussa Elias (SE/SY), Robert Ikiz (TU), Maarten Ornstein (NL), Nidaa Abou Mrad (LB), Ghassan Sahhab (LB), Hayyaf Yassine (LB), Mohammad Ayyash (LB), Sleiman Abou Hnoud (LB), Rafka Rizk (LB), Mouhannad Nasser (SY), Rami Al Jundi (SY), Fawaz Baker (FR/SY), Nouri Iskandar (SE/SY), Liliane Chlela (LB), Fouad Afra (LB), Fredrik Gille (SE), Samuel Rohrer (CH) and Khaled Yassine (LB), Khaled Omran (SY), Dani Shukri (SY) and @Yalla! pur les Enfants (SY/LB).

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Solidarity, From Wednesday 28 June till Wednesday 5 July 2017

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