From Syria With Love – Berlin

Sunday 2 July 2017, from 9am till 10pm.
Am Krögel 2, 10179 Berlin, Germany.

Event co-hosted by Migration Hub.

Exhibition of drawings created by Syrian children living in refugee camps in Lebanon, aged between 6 and 16. The exhibition has been very well received touring, France-Paris, USA- Harvard University & San Fransisco, the UK- over 30 destinations and now in Berlin!

Talk times:
2pm till 3pm
7pm till 8pm
By FSWL founder Baraa Ehssan Kouja who has spoken to over 5000 people at 50 venues to date including schools, universities and local communities.

The talk will be structured as follow:
1- Introduction about Syria’s history; Diversity in cultures, religions, ethnicity of the people.
2- Reasons behind the war in Syria, providing deeper understanding of our current global politics.
3- Events that took a place inside Syria, untold stories and the global humanitarian refugee crisis.
4- Suggestions on how can we help, why should we help and how to make a difference.
5- Personal experience of the speaker.
6- Short documentary about children living in refugee camps followed by Q & A.

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Exhibition, Sunday 2 July 2017

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