From Saturday 1 until Wednesday 5 July 2017.
HochX Theater und Live Art, Entenbachstr.37, 81541 Munich, Germany

From Saturday 1 till Tuesday 4 July 2017, from 4pm till 5h30 pm.
Wednesday 5 July 2017, from 5pm till 9pm.

We all dream when we sleep. But how do we experience dreams when they arise in a temporary space or a situation which is supposed to pass by? How would a dream be in a prison, in a refugee camp, in a “no man’s land” or in a tent? Possibly in a city of tents, a city of sheets and fabric?

In the current Syrian war cities are being destroyed. Inhabitants are fleeing and building new tents/camps/ cities – hoping that this is only a temporary state. But after six years, the cities of fabric are still remain and with them the urges,, hopes and dreams of their inhabitants.

Syrian choreographer and theater maker Mey Seifan has been collecting dreams of Syrians since 2011. The “dream archive”, which contains more than 300 dreams and tales, were the base and the inspiration of the physical theatre trilogy “Destruction for Beginners”. Her next production, the interdisciplinary performance/installation “Siesta” continues to be inspired by the Syrian Dream Project, yet the dreams in “Siesta” are experienced through different sensations and means.

At the HochX Theatre, performers and spectators commonly create a dream camp with different dream steps. The visitors themselves are able to determine the order, tempo and intensity of the encounters in the “Traumparcours”, as invitation to dive into an immersive atmosphere of light, fragrance, visuals and sounds. The piece itself follows dream logic, is flashy and associative, full of surprises and dark secrets. Diving into a journey into the collective subconscious of Syrian dreams, the audience itself turns into dreamers.

An installation will finalize the play sequence and will be open to the public on the 5th of July. The audience can return to the dream camp, remember the experience and gain insights into a dream they probably once have had.

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Theater, From Saturday 1 until Wednesday 5 July 2017

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