The 4th Anniversary of the Chemical Massacre

Saturday 26 August 2017.
Brunnsparken, Gothenburg, Sweden.

The Syrian tragedy has become a dark chapter in the history of modern politics. The Chemical Massacre will remain an overwhelming evidence of the unlimited international support towards the Assad regime especially the atrocities it has been committing against the Syrian people since March 2011 and up till now.
Every year we commemorate the brutal massacre that was committed by the dictator regime, remind the world with the International resolutions, and denounce the political stand of the international community, which claims to defend freedom and human rights in the world but remains silent towards the regime’s massacres. These stands have allowed Assad the dictator and his Russian and Iranian allies to use various kinds of weapons to commit more horrifying massacres even after the chemical attack in 2013.

On the fourth anniversary of the Chemical Massacre, we:
– Reaffirm the responsibility of Assad, as the commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, who committed the chemical attack which killed 1477 civilians.
– Categorically reject any presence of Assad the dictator in the present and future Syria. We demand that he would be trialed as a war criminal.
– Reject the lenient policy of the international community, especially in providing more time for Assad the dictator, in spite of the presence of irrefutable evidence and reports that prove his responsibility in using chemical weapons against civilians dozens of times.
– Renew our demand for the Security Council to honor its commitments regarding UNSC resolutions 2118, 2209 and 2235, which were unanimously issued.
– Demand world health organizations to uphold its responsibilities and provide the necessary care for the all the survivors of Assad-toxic-gas-attacks (using both Sarin and Chlorine)
– Demand that the Nobel Peace Prize would be withdrawn from The Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, which destroyed Assad stocks of Sarin and Mustard gases, but kept toxic Chlorine gas to be used by Assad before the eyes of the entire world.
– Ask the free citizens of the world to join us, and pressure with all possible means, to achieve justice and ensure the no reoccurrence of such massacres in other parts of the world.

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Solidarity, Saturday 26 August 2017

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