The Syrian Cultural Caravan in Brussels


At the initiative of Syrian-European intellectuals and associations, a cultural caravan entitled ‘Freedom for the Syrian People’ will depart from Paris July 12 for a tour that will pass through towns in France, Italy, Austria, Germany and Belgium.
Artists of all disciplines will participate in the caravan including visual artists, actors, musicians, filmmakers, writers. At each stage and as far as possible, an activity will be organized – an exhibition, a concert, a street performance, a debate, a film showing.
The costs will be covered by the individual participants and through donations received. This caravan is open to all, individuals and associations, who wish to show their solidarity with the Syrian people.

Date: Sunday September 28th 2014.

From 10:00AM until 10:00PM

Solidarity, Sunday 28 September 2014
Location: Belgium, Ravenstein 23 street, 1000 Brussels region
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